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Gillie Da Kid
Behind the Music

By now it’s no secret that many MCs get a little help with their lyrics. Icons like Diddy and Dr. Dre have been upfront about the practice of ghostwriting, yet hip-hop purists still gasp when they hear about artists collaborating ...

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Here comes the cold water

Here's an idea: Why don't OutKast just scrap Idlewild altogether and pretend it never existed in the first place? The movie was always destined to be teh ghey anyway, just because all movies that star rappers kinda suck balls. Think about ...

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So, Gillie Da Kid has accused Lil' Wayne of doing some ghostwritin' on The Carter 1 and not gettin' credit for it... Lil Wayne is a problem on the mic and can't nobody take shit away from his lyrical monstrocity (Dedication ...

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