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REVIEW: Pill, 4075: The Refill

Pill 4075: The Refill Beats: XL Lyrics: XL Originality: XL On his debut mixtape, 4180: The Prescription, Pill pulled no punches. The Atlanta newcomer served up a deeply personal introduction as potent as the product he claimed to be pushing. By packing the same ...

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REVIEW: Birdman, Pricele$$

Birdman Pricele$$ Cash Money/Universal Beats: XL Lyrics: L Originality: M Birdman has certainly paid the cost to be the boss. After spending the last two decades at the helm of Cash Money Records, his fourth solo album, Pricele$$, showcases the lucrative fruits of his labor. Featuring ...

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Before My Condom Self-Destructs

I’m sorry. I’ve got to give it to Big Green on this title. “50 Cent’s Condom Campaign Bursts”? Wowsers. That is SOHH fuckin funny! Even funnier is how they describe the campaign as “long-awaited”. Word? Is that what happened with ...

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