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SOHH had its own pedophile army

I don't even mess around with MySpace too often these days, just because it's become so overrun with spammers and shitty rappers. But if I get really bored, I might spend a few hours clicking through my pages of so-called ...

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The Proton-type

There is this stigma about Atlanta-based rappers that says if you're not rapping about balling, trapping, hustling, etc...then you are biting Outkast. If you're not dressed in whatever mainstream expensive brand of the moment is...then you're biting Outkast. If you ...

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Ludacris’ two favorite foods

If you're one of these rappers, I'm sure it's hard enough trying to branch out into various business ventures. Not only do you have to worry about your weed carriers and other assorted bums from the neighborhood showing up to your ...

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