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Chasing Placements 101

Face it, producers - beatmaking is the new rapping. Right now, chances are your whole block is filled with kids packing a pirate copy of Fruity Loops and a "Dr. Dre Drumkit", all hoping they can become the next Timbo. So ...

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FEATURE: Nas, The Genesis

He kept changing on the world since barbecue. From Illmatic to last year’s controversial Untitled LP, Nas has constantly evolved, going from a wide-eyed project youth to hip-hop’s chief political pundit. Despite all the growth, it is the Queensbridge Housing ...

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Are You Not Entertained?

The way that every media outlet has been declaring the end of hip-hop you'd think the art form that survived worldwide ridicule, resistance from the Grammys and a black woman's rage (RIP C. Dolores Tucker), would get more respect for ...

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