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Got yourself a gun

This year has been one of the most violent years in hip-hop history to date. There's been multiple shootings in the hip-hop community, including Obie Trice, Cam’ron, Gravy, Proof, Big Hawk, Israel Ramirez, Philant Johnson, and Slick Pulla. And it's ...

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Batty men are also liars

Not to suggest that people from different areas can have different traits, but black people of Carribbean descent have been known to be virulently homophobic. Not only do they make songs about killing gay people, but sometimes they'll actually hunt ...

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New York Isn’t Enough

Life as an A-N-R-S-T-A-R can sometimes get a little frustrating. I’m always on myspace (eh eh eh) listening to songs, reading bios and no homoing at camera phone flicks of aspiring artists. I leave every showcase with a Pharrell-sized duffle ...

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