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WSHH: The CNN of Urban Kiddie Pr0n?

Most mornings Ron Mexico City’s iCoonery searches begin at none other than the bastion of buffoonery that is World Star Hip Hop. A nigga usually can’t tell what’s worse, the video content, descriptions or comments. I like to think of ...

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Live from the 718

What up XXL Mag, checking in live from the 718, this your man Skyzoo, and for the next 5 days I'll be blogging for the site. So for the first blog entry in my week long stint as a guest ...

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So we’re back to regular XXL this issue. Aight! Last month, we shook it up a lil’ bit with the first-annual Hip-Hop Soul issue, just to show y’all we know our R&B also. Rappers are showing their soft sides; why ...

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