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FEATURE: Michael Jackson, Long Live The King

There's no denying Michael Jackson's influence on hip-hop. From the countless samples to frequent MJ lyrical references, Jackson has been a hip-hop staple from the beginning. While other legendary black artists dissmiss hip-hop or refuse to be associated with the ...

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The Grande Poo

Sticking with my topic of choice in the conclusion of my blog week, I thought I’d pay homage to one of my favorite old-school rappers, the high and mighty, Mr. Grand Puba. Yes, the man is very special. With his ...

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Tru Life Arrested In Stabbing Incident

Former Roc-La-Familia rapper Tru Life and his brother were arrested for fatally stabbing a man during a scuffle in a Manhattan lobby, according to authorities. The brawl, which resulted in Christopher Guerrero’s death and left another man in critical condition, took ...

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