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Relapse: The new Kingdom Come?

Could it be that Eminem's Relapse has a higher marketing budget than any rap album since Jay-Z's Kingdom Come? It'd be hard to say, without being privy to the actual figures, but I wouldn't be surprised. Already, there's a few different ...

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My Joint Right Now

Pardon me fam. This section hasn’t changed in forever. I blame the craziness of the publishing game and you…yeah, y’all kinda slowed up with the pitches for blogs for y'all, by y’all. Hit me at with any ideas. All in ...

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Nick Cannon, Eminem & Harriet Tubman

After reading the first paragraph of Nick Cannon’s blog response to Eminem’s lyrical “attacks” on Mariah Carey, I’m all about ready to sympathize with Cannon’s plight. I can totally understand a man defending his wife. Can you fully fault a ...

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