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Stuck working for the man

"I'm off the wall like Michael Jackson, these other niggas is like Tito. Shout-out to Randy." - Jay-Z The other day, I got so bored that I actually watched a bit of MTV Cribs. It may have also been the case ...

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Don’t Forget ‘Em (Pt. 2)

ALL HEADS RECOGNIZE: MORE MCS ON THE RISE JODY BREEZE Although he’s just 23, Jody Breeze (he borrowed the name from the lead character in the John Singleton flick Baby Boy) is something of a rap veteran. In 2004, the Griffin, Ga., ...

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Don’t Forget ‘Em

ALL HEADS RECOGNIZE: MORE MCS ON THE RISE B.O.B. While many of his classmates were blowing off schoolwork, getting fitted for their caps and gowns, Bobby Ray Simmons (a.k.a. B.O.B.) was dealing with a whole different level of senioritis. Last fall, the ...

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