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FEATURE: Curren$y, Money On My Mind

Rain tempers Mardi Gras celebrations along Bourbon Street, confining the debauchery inside bars and strip joints. Miles away in Metairie, LA., Sante "Curren$y" Franklin doesn’t participate in the festivities. Driving his massive, black Dodge pickup truck that engulfs his 5-foot-five-inch, ...

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I finally listened to Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" the other day. I must say, the shit is less than impressive. I know. Uncool to say, right? A hater like Ron Mexico's supposed to be digging that shit, right? Hmmmmm. I drove ...

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To think, Max B would probably be a free man right now, if he ran with a better class of women. I could have told him, over a year ago, that he needed to step his game up. You may recall ...

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