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FEATURE: Beats by the Pound

In recent years, Just Blaze has scored video games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour and NBA Street Vol. 2 and produced music for Nike and USA Basketball. He has also booked more DJ gigs than usual. The 32-year-old producer ...

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Dorrough: Dorrough Music

DORROUGH Dorrough Music (NGenius Records/E1 Entertainment) It’d be easy to pigeonhole Dorrough as just another ringtone rapper. True, the Dallas-based rookie’s catchy debut single, “Walk That Walk,” and flossy follow-up, “Ice Cream Paint Job,” are both mindless bangers—heavy on the beat but light ...

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Update: C-Murder Convicted of Murder

C-Murder was found guilty of second-degree murder today (August 11) twice. At first, the presiding judge ruled the verdict invalid, requesting more jury deliberation, but eventually convicted the former No Limit rapper later in the afternoon. According to The Times-Picayune, the bench ...

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