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Snake oil is the new heroin

I was checking Twitter just now to see if Sasha Grey had made sweet, passionate love to any of my favorite female pr0n stars, and I saw that Elliott Wilson and some people were discussing the fact that literally no ...

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XXL: Plies & Soulja Boy Sales Predictions

Plies' Da REAList and Soulja Boy's iSouljaBoyTellEm hit stores today. XXL staffers made their predictions as usual. Here's the rundown. Clovito: Soulja Boy (225k), Plies (84k) Jackpot: Soulja Boy (120k), Plies (120k) Vanessa: Soulja Boy (138k), Plies (111k) Gang Starr Girl: Soulja Boy (105k) Mike ...

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BLOG: R.I.P. Ringtone Rapper

“Finally I’ve arrived/So we can say our goodbyes/to the ringtone rapper/That crap’ll never survive.” —Saigon Who knew Saigon was such a prophet. Not the part about arriving—he can’t drop an album to save his life—but about ringtone rappers not surviving. Just ...

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