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RZA’s 15 Best Beats
Previously: RZA And Paul Walker Co-Star In Brick Mansions
RZA Is Defending His Title As Chess Master On Valentine’s Day
20 Of The Best One-Producer Albums In Hip-Hop History
Two Fans Attempt To Raise Millions To Buy Wu-Tang Album
With Wu-Tang’s album, Once Upon a Time In Shaolin already garnering lucrative offers, including a steep $5million offer, some crazed fans have found an alternative way in trying to purchase the one-of-a-kind album available.
Two diehard fans named Russell Meyer and Calvin Okoth-O…
Ryan Lewis Believes Rick Rubin Is A Producer God
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are still on cloud 9 after stringing together a platinum album with The Heist, consisting of a plethora of number one singles. Ryan Lewis, the man on the production side of the tandem, recently sat down with Prologue to discuss the duo’s future...
Cassidy Doesn’t Plan On Battle Rapping Anymore
Prior to dropping singles like “Hotel” and “I’m a Hustler”, Cassidy earned his stripes in the battle circuit. While he has proven to be a formidable lyricist in both arenas, both mainstream and the battle world, Cassidy recently…
Beyonce Had An Awkward Moment With Kim Kardashian
An awkward moment bewteen Jay'z Wife Beyonce and Kanye West's Fiancee's Kim Kardiashian today.
Radaronline reported that when the two bumped into each other at the Lancer Dermatology offices in Beverly Hills,  "Beyoncé did not want to talk to Kim...

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