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Volunteer work is for suckers

I figured there were probably shenanigans at play, when I saw that XXL had posted a link yesterday to a story about how Kanye West and Amber Rose volunteered at a homeless shelter over the holidays, even though that shit ...

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The Rap Paisan Awards

Hip-hop has been obsessed with Italian culture since way back when…I mean fughetaboutit, we’ll never be able to pinpoint the exact moment. But what we can do is pay homage to rap’s long and fruitful relationship with all things from ...

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Inettia, Miss December [WEB CANDY]

NAME: Inettia Williams REPS: Woodbridge, VA MATH: 36-25-40 HIGHLIGHT: Shooting with the Miss Universe Organization's celeb photographer Fadil Berisha. QUOTE: “I haven't had a threesome…yet. The perfect threesome would be Reggie Bush, Rihanna and me covered in oils and lots of hot wax!” Photography by ...

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