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Webbie & Baby Gerald:

Once again, back it's the incredible, XXL A-Alikes! Just to refresh your memories, we here at the plantation pit your favorite rappers' mugs against famous counterparts. And unless mom dukes was dipping with the postman, there’s a couple of MC’s ...

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Nigga stole my chain

People have a tendency to email me whenever there's anything wrong with this site (i.e. pretty much constantly), as if I do anything here other than take ad hominem shots at rappers and make jokes about my gerkin. Hence, all ...

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Workout Playlists

Since we were on the workout tip earlier this week, Jackpot AKA "I'm Coming For Bol's #1 Blogging Spot" asked me what kinda playlist I was working with when I exercise. Honestly, my answer to him was that I listen ...

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