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In your face, Al Sharpton

Something tells me this new Nas album, The Dreaded N-Word, is gonna be one of my favorite albums evar. Or, at least one of my favorite albums to think about. If there's gonna be an issue, it's that it's probably not ...

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NEW J Dilla Produced By Kanye West

We F'd Up- J Dilla (produced by Kanye West) This sounds like it came from that batch of beats Kanye must have made around the time of "Takeover." It's still pretty crazy though. Supposedly from Dilla's unreleased album that he recorded ...

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Headphone Gumbo Vol. 26

Here are some rapps for today: Saafir - "In A Vest" (Hobo Junction, 1996) I plan to murder the man who outbid me on this sweatshirt. Sporty Thievez f/ Pace Won - "Uh Oh" (Roc-A-Blok, 1999) Ski's Roc-A-Blok imprint was very promising. Had it ...

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