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Puff Daddy
1997 Man of the Year

If there was ever any question about the strength of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’ drive and ambition, 1997 put it to rest. Already a millionaire music mogul making an unprecedented transition into the role of performer, the Bad Boy Records ...

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A Bay Bay! A Bay Bay!

Who knows how it works in the South, but where I went to school, in the corn fields of Northeast Missouri, it was understood that if you banged a chick who was drunk you were taking your chances. It might ...

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Jack of Spades

Hate it or love it, the muscleman’s on top (and I’m not talking eskay’s favorite). Bobby Bonds’ baby boy is running this baseball history shit. Y’all should have known by now that Barry Lemar is a superstar. Like other great ...

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