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The Menstrual Show

Was listening to Hot 97’s DJ Enuff spin that new Janet Jackson single “Feedback” and I finally caught those provocative lyrics that some cracker from wrote about: “I gotta body like a CL5 Make a nigga wanna test drive but I'm ...

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No Way Out

News of YN’s sleep deprivation stunt is sweeping the hip-hop nation. Wise words are coming fast and furious from my employees, colleagues, peers and haters. You see reactions are big right now. Real reactions. Real people. Who needs a video ...

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The best ass evar?

I doubt that there's any man who isn't an ass man at least in the sense that he prefers a woman with a large (-er), firm, well-shaped ass, to a woman with a flat, flabby, misshapen one; but I think ...

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