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360 Deals are now mandatory

In my post the other day about the lengths to which Interscope is going to present the Knux as a "white" group, I speculated that they must have received a recording contract way sweeter than the contracts most other rap ...

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50 Cent Invades Cabo

So, I was one of the lucky/unlucky "tastemakers" to make it to Cabo for the filming of 50 Cent's "Party Monster" last week. Lucky because...Well, who wouldn't wanna go to Cabo? Unlucky because I spent less than 24 hours there. I ...

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We wuz robbed!

Branching off from my post the other day about the Knux, and in the interest of wringing every last bit of amusement from the cover of this month's issue of XXL, as if it was the only pr0n video you ...

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