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RZA as Bobby Digital
Digi Snacks

RZA’s creative output as Bobby Digital has been a mixed bag. The Zorro-masked alter ego allows the Wu-Tang shogun to lighten up his usual Five Percenter demeanor and indulge in guilty pleasures. On 1998’s RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo ...

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AZ: Efil4zaggin

AZ is universally recognized for his talent, even if he’s not often revered the same way his peers like Jay-Z and Nas are. But the Brooklyn-bred lyricist is sharp as any MC in the game, past or present. And now, ...

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Lauren London Vs. Meagan Good

I was just peeping the 1st Annual Screen Queen Awards from our sister publication King Magazine last night. They awarded Meagan Good with the Best Untapped Potential Award and honored Lauren London with Best Around-the-Way-Girl. Debates over these two just keep ...

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