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Watch What You Say To Me

Finally got around to reading the LA Weekly N.W.A. article re-release and I must admit it’s quite entertaining. It’s always good money when the gangsta rapper (in this case group leader Eazy-E) shows off his automatic weaponry to the wide-eyed ...

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Should Def Jam drop Jay-Z?

Word on the streets (i.e. the Internets) is that Jay-Z might be leaving Def Jam for real this time. In that hilarious interview on Sirius Satellite Radio from this past weekend, in which Fiddy makes fun of Nas and Kelis, and ...

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There is No Santa Claus.

The moles at the Universal Record Emporium have confirmed that there is no Lil Wayne album coming in the 4th quarter. The Leak was a pipe dream. It’s never coming out! Tha Carter 3 the most anticipated album in the ...

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