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Gimme A Break

For those of you missed my breakadays or use to hope them shits would go away, I’m back. What you thought you got rid of me for good? Yup, now that I’m once again on my blog grind I gotta ...

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We Want Weezy

The homie behind these Lil Wayne parodies hit yours truly with an exclusive copy of his upcoming mixtape. Soon to be available on, here’s some rap foolery at its finest. Like I’ve said before, if you can’t make fun ...

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DJ Babu
The Perfect Beat

Getting DJ Babu to stop talking is a chore in itself. Verbosity, though, isn’t usually associated with the acclaimed turntablist. In fact, unless you’re a zealous Dilated Peoples fan, you’ve probably never heard Babu utter a single word. Today, however, ...

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