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BLOG: Forgotten Love

As I look back on this career of mine there are probably many things I could find that I would change. Decisions that were made by me, or for me, that I wouldn't necessarily agree with now. There used to ...

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REVIEW: Fabolous, Loso’s Way

FABOLOUS Loso’s Way (Desert Storm/Def Jam) Let’s be clear: Loso’s Way isn’t a literal retelling of 1993’s Carlito’s Way. You remember the Al Pacino flick, which spawned many rap skits, about a reformed gangster trying to resist the allure of the streets? ...

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Rappa Ternt Pres-o-dent

First Hurricane Chris at the Louisiana legislature, now this shit? In yet another case of nigras confusing celebrity with qualification, T-Pain has embraced grad student Justin de la Cruz’s suggestion that the rapper replace T.K. Wetherell as president of Florida State ...

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