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Guitar Hero: New Jack Swing Edition

In case you are not aware, this Twitter exchange is in response the ghetto news story that saw Teddy Riley—umm—discipline his child(ren) with a Guitar Hero controller. Basically, the nigga went Quick Draw McGraw/El Kabong on at least one of ...

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A History of Violence

I guess Kid Cudi isn’t done addressing the criticism he took over his Canadian bitch nigga moment. I would blame Kanye West’s influence, but I know the Cudi type all too well. He exhibits the same dangerous combination of Eastern ...

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Kid Sister, Ultraviolet [REVIEW]

Kid Sister Ultraviolet (Universal Republic) Beats: L Lyrics: M Originality: M With a dearth of material coming from female rappers, Chicago’s own Kid Sister steps to the plate with her debut album, Ultraviolet. You may have caught the charismatic femcee in early 2008 on her ...

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