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Release Therapy

Part of me realizes that this blog isn't the right forum for this, but whatever. It's my week to hold these duties down, and this is what's on my mind today. I could've taken the easy route and commented on ...

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Def Jam Vain-detta

Just when you think Def Jam and the Thimmontheth have played dead long enough to lose interest, the niggas find reanimation in the strangest of ways. Def Jam’s gotten a strange whirlwind of press in the rapster chronicles this weekend. ...

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FEATURE: Skyzoo, Safe

Photo courtesy of Robert Adam Mayer Skyzoo should have a cape on. Not that he’s playing the “hip-hop savior” shtick— that type of chest thumping and self-declaration just isn’t his style. Still his contributions are sure to leave the game better off. ...

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