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KRS-One & Buckshot Plan Joint Album

Independent label Duck Down Records confirmed today that they have officially added legendary Bronx rapper KRS-One to their growing roster of artists. While reported the deal back in August, they have now clarified that KRS will be releasing an ...

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RIP Stephen “Static” Garrett

Stephen "Static" Garrett passed away on Monday. Although the official cause of death for the 33-year old Louisville, Kentucky-native isn't known at the time, I've read on a few other hip-hop sites that it was a brain aneurysm. My advice, ...

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The gulliest TI in all of hip-hop

As events this week have proven, sometimes conspiracy theories are truer than we could even imagine. Take for example this nutjob trying to sue Jay-Z for $6 gozilllion in reparations. He might not have actually been DJ Kool Herc (my bad ...

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