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Is Ashley Logan really white?

Watching this latest video of Ashley Logan posted to the venerable World Star Hip Hop, I've become convinced that she isn't really a white chick, but rather a latino broad trying to front as if she was a white chick ...

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Get it together, Kanye

You know what's gonna be suck balls? The new Kanye West album, if this song "Love Lockdown" is any clue as to what it's gonna sound like. Seriously, what the fuck? Is Kanye still upset over the break-up with his fiance? Is ...

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XXL Rates MTV’s VMAs

Once TV's most entertaining award show, MTV's VMAs have received lukewarm reviews in recent years. Back with a relatively unknown host (to Americans), Russell Brand, MTV attempted to revamp the VMAs on its 25th birthday. Host (M): It's not that Russell Brand ...

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