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Out for dead presidents

How is it that, with as many crazed, racist cracka-ass crackas as there are in the US these days, the only people I've ever heard about getting busted for threatening to kill Barack Obama on the Internets are two black ...

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Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx, The eXXecution

Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx The eXXecution Duck Down Beats: XL Lyrics: XL Originality: L Canadian producer Marco Polo and Brooklyn rapper Ruste Juxx have one thing on their minds on their new collaborative effort, The eXXecution: killing the competition. By blending Marco’s dark, sample-laden ...

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Boaz, Selling a Dream

Boaz Selling A Dream Beats: L Lyrics: L Originality: L Nearly a year after releasing his debut album, The Audio Biography, Pittsburgh rapper Boaz is still hustling hard to make a major impact outside the Steel City. On his latest mixtape, Selling A Dream, ...

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