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Earl Sweatshirt Hates European Bacon
Fresh off the "Wearld Tour", Earl Sweatshirt stopped by Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio show to discuss his tour but wound up talking more about bacon.
In the clip, the Odd Future member unveils he's not a fan of the European breakfast, after discovering he preferred his …
XXL’s Game Corner: Diablo III Review: Click, Click
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Mac
Release date: Out Now
When Diablo II dropped Blizzard delivered an RPG on the PC that was a booming success. Since then pretty much every dungeon crawler to date has jacked elements from Diablo II...
Rappers Take Duck Lips Pics Too
It's no secret that the kissy face/Duck Lips craze is in full effect. With many rappers attempting to shy away from puckering up, a few rappers unexpectedly got caught by the camera. Check out "Rappers Posing With Duck Lips."
Lord Jamar Says Justin Bieber Is Leeching Off Hip-Hop
Justin Bieber’s transformation hasn’t drawn rave reviews from everybody in the hip-hop community. Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar voiced his disdain for the pop star in his interview with Vlad TV in which he claimed that Bieber was “leeching …

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