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My bad, Juelz

I should apologize to Juelz Santana. Yesterday, I suggested he got robbed while on tour over in England, when it's obvious he didn't get robbed. He got extorted. Sorry, bro! This became clear to me when I read a press release Juelz put ...

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JUELZ: “I Was NOT Robbed!”

With rumors swirling online that Dipset member Juelz Santana was robbed overseas during a recent trip to London, the New York rapper released a statement to the media to refute the false information. "Bottom line, my former manager along, with an ...

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England > The D

I couldn't help but find the news, earlier today, that Juelz Santana had been kidnapped and robbed over in England somewhat anticlimactic, in that there's no real evidence that it even happened. All there is, so far, is a few blog ...

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