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Gucci Mane keeps it real

Again, I find myself doing the work of feminist types who'd like to paint hip-hop as a bunch of evil misogynists, since they probably don't spend a significant amount of time following hip-hop. You might recall, a few years ago, when ...

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BLOG: The Odd Couple

I was reading this interview with The Rza over at HipHopGame, and in it he talks about how he's got this new group with Shavo, the bassist from System of a Down and a couple other folks. It's called Achozen. That ...

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Uncle Murda Splits With Def Jam

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda revealed that he is no longer on Def Jam Recordings. Murda signed with the label under Jay- Z’s “Carter administration in 2007, but since Hov’s departure he said everything went sour. ...

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