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Who’s the real marketing genius?

In hip-hop, there's this awful tendency to want to label anyone who's made a lot of money playing into stereotypes (some might say truisms) about black people a genius businessman. For example, this fruit TPAR and I have gone back and ...

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Release Therapy: Trae’s Life Goes On

ARTIST: Trae a.k.a. Tha Truth REPPIN': Houston, TX LABEL: Rap-A-Lot Records NEW ALBUM TITLE: Life Goes On "Every life situation you go through whether good or bad, at the end of the day life’s still gotta go on. I got a brother doing life ...

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Big Shoes To Fill

Ya'll remember what happened the last time T.I.P. got locked up. Flipparachi supposedly started claiming the "King of the South" title at his shows, probably thinking T.I. was "out of sight and out of mind." You know the story from ...

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