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Swizz Beatz Upgrades Knicks Theme Song

Showtime! has learned that the New York Knicks tapped Swizz Beatz to upgrade their longtime theme song, “Go NY Go.” Following in Q-Tip's footsteps, Swizz was asked to bring his signature sound to NY's famed basketball team. Asked how the ...

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Rappers and Jesus Pieces

Jesus, the Notorious! Biggie was one of the first cats to rock a Jesus piece on his chest. His New York comrades, such as Jadakiss, Jay-Z and Nas, also let the holy figure dangle around their necks as well. But ...

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Killer Mike’s Favorite Strip Clubs

It’s the weekend—the perfect time to kick back, relax, and support your local stripper. Killer Mike considers himself a connoisseur when it comes to strip clubs and considering the MC is an Atlanta native, it makes sense. XXL caught up ...

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