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BLOG: Acquired Taste

I try not to rush my judgment whenever discovering new artists. If I don't like the first song, I try giving the artist another shot. If I'm still not convinced after listening to a few more samples, I typically reach a ...

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Benzino and The Great Spear

Nore as a journalist and "hip-hop historian" clearly ushers in a new day. Katie Couric better watch her shit out here. Niggas got cameraphones and Blogspot! Better than any ridiculousness that comes from Benzino’s mouth is Nore’s “Woo” every ...

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Queens keeps on faking it

It's funny, I've heard the story of how Roxanne Shante forced Wonder Bros. to pay for her Ph.D from Cornell referred to as the feel good story of the summer, but it didn't become the feel good story of the ...

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