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The ball is in your court, Diddy

It seems like once a week these days some celebrity gets caught doing something completely and utterly ridonkulous, and commentators from the PC community strain themselves to come up with an excuse. Take for example when Michael Vick got caught fighting ...

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Piano Boy Oh

Some of you might be familiar with engineer/producer Carlisle Young, as he was featured in the "Ask The Pro" section of Scratch Magazine (Jeezy/Runners cover, if my memory serves me correct) last year. He was also featured in the "Front ...

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Kanye West to Perform at the Grammys

The Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences announced today (February 8) that Kanye West has officially been added as a performer at this Sunday’s Grammy ceremony. According to unconfirmed reports, the rapper has been rehearsing his two hits “Stronger” and ...

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