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RIP MC Breed

Allhiphop is reporting that legendary Flint, Michigan-bred rapper MC Breed passed away today. He suffered kidney failure while playing a game of pick-up basketball in Atlanta back in early September, and was in need of a kidney transplant. An anonymous ...

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Wyclef House Foreclosed

Wyclef Jean's house is reportedly set to be sold before being built. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jean, via a company he owns with friends, has yet to repay $2 million to Home Equity Mortgage Corp. The house reportedly went ...

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T.I. Takes Stand In Murder Trial

While T.I. waits to receive the remainder of his own sentencing in March 2009 for federal weapons violations, he appeared in a Cincinnati courtroom today (November 21) to testify about what happened on the night his friend and assistant was ...

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