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Too late to ‘pologize

[Note: I've gotta pull a double tomorrow at the job I work to subsidize hip-hop journalism, and the guy who was gonna teach me how to set these posts to publish at a later date doesn't work here anymore, so ...

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Songs in the Key of G

“They want the hard music from me. They want what I fell in love with from KRS-One and Criminal Minded… And, I understand it because what they would say is wrong with a 50 Cent record is what they enjoy ...

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WEB CANDY: Sultry Simone, Miss October

NAME: Sultry Simone REPS: Harrisburg, PA MATH: 34D-25-42 HIGHLIGHT: Cover of Smooth Girl magazine QUOTE: “I’m a pleaser by nature so whoever’s in my life I’ma keep ‘em satisfied. I just lay him down and do what I need to do.” Photography by Andre Micheal Photography ...

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