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All For You?

Before I begin. WEEZY WEEZY WEEZY WEEZY. 50. WEEZY. WEEZY. WEEZY. WEEZY. Ok. Now we can begin. I, just like you, probably suffered through listening to the worst 12 or so minutes of music in recent memory yesterday. During my late-morning routine of checking ...

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We got to do better

So yesterday, my little brother and I went over to my parents' house for Mother's Day. We had some of those incredible steaks they sell at Whole Foods and some Bud Light (fuck the haters). It was a pretty good ...

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Webbie & Baby Gerald:

Once again, back it's the incredible, XXL A-Alikes! Just to refresh your memories, we here at the plantation pit your favorite rappers' mugs against famous counterparts. And unless mom dukes was dipping with the postman, there’s a couple of MC’s ...

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