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Minstrel rap is back

Minstrel rap ain't dead, it just took a vacation for a couple of years. You know how black people like to take extended periods of time off from work. As the saying goes, when the weather is too hot, niggas ...

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FEATURE: Foundation, Top 10 Hip-Hop Discoveries

Today might be Columbus Day, but is flipping the script on this often-overlooked holiday. Rather than commemorate European explorer Christopher Columbus’ “discovery” of America, we decided to compile the Top 10 Hip-Hop Discoveries. It’s your official list of people, ...

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A Eulogy for My Boo

No, this is not a lament for a dead girlfriend. Well, I guess it kind of is in a way. I was still attending high school in 1996, which makes me an old, irrelevant, hatin-ass nigga. I know. "My Boo" ...

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