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Super Lyrical

Debates and discussions come about out of thin air here at the office. For instance, I was just working on some images for an upcoming feature when I overheard Mike D, our Photo Editor, bumping Devin The Dude's "What A ...

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Fabolous Album Pushed Back

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous has taken to his Twitter account to inform fans that his latest LP, Loso’s Way has been pushed back to next month. In a message posted just minutes ago, Fab said he just found out about his new ...

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Mos Def First Week Sales Predictions

Let's cut to the chase. Mos's fourth album, The Ecastic, hits stores today. how many copies will he sell in his first week? Here are the staff's predictions. Mike D: 26K Jackpot: 25k Clovito: 82,003 Vanessa: Same numbers as Jim Jones Jesse: 35-40k Rob The Music ...

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