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Soulja Boy Turns 21

Soulja Boy is finally legal. The Atlanta-based rap star officially turned 21-years-old today (July 28). Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Young Money president, Mack Maine (whose birthday is also today), made sure to send their well wishes to SB on his ...

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An Open Letter to Rappers

Dear Rappers, Stop threatening fans with announcements of retirement. We don't believe you, you'll always need more people. Jay-Z, this is all your fault. You started the retirement trend and you also started the trend of never actually retiring. Now, rappers say they ...

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Jay Rock, Follow Me Home

Jay Rock could have been another victim. Growing up, he could have become a victim of the violence that plagues his native Watts, California. And just when it seemed like he was poised to make it out of the hood, ...

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