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Bust-A-Cap: T-Pain and Ke$ha

Talk about an odd couple. Yesterday (May 19) a peculiar photo of T-Pain and pop star Ke$ha surfaced on the internets. The flick pictured the two nose-to-nose in what appears to be a tender moment, or a photo opp meant ...

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Hip-Hop Soul: Omarion

Quiet as kept, Omarion is still around the music scene. The braids are gone but the same love for singing the 26-year old showed as the front man of the teenage heartthrob group B2K is as strong as ever. The Watts, ...

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Jay-Z to Partner with Adult Swim

It appears that Jay-Z is preparing to enter the world of television by inking a partnership deal with Adult Swim. Reported by Adweek and confirmed by sources at Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network's parent company, additional details are scant at this ...

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