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Leave Him Alone

Not sure when it happened, but I got slimed (mind out of the gutter, people) by the Hamiltonization Process. I checked with my doctor. And she checked her PDR. There’s no cure for this—and if there was, would I really ...

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REVIEW: Jim Jones, Pray IV Reign

Jim Jones Pray IV Reign (Diplomats/Columbia) Forget Terrence Howard—Jim Jones’s life story should be titled Hustle & Flow. The Diplomats’ de facto front man grinded his way from street corners to corner offices and from background muscle to front-page glory. With an ever-improving ...

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Big Mike & Max B: Quarantine

I have to applaud artists like Max B, Stat Quo and Charles Hamilton for attacking this mixtape game with a passion that hasn’t been seen since that carpenter that got lashed 40 times and then had to carry those two ...

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