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People Are Threatening Mya’s Life Over Rumored Affair With Jay Z
Many were puzzled when news began to resurface of an affair between Mya and Jay Z umpteen years ago. Well, Mya's manager now comes forth to provide clarity on the matter stating that their camp had to kill off rumors once and for all because people were actually threatening Mya's life over…
Trey Songz Shows Veteran Status In R&B On ‘Trigga’
Over the course of his career, Trey Songz has pulled from R. Kelly's vibrant blueprint dedicating his vocals content that quickly grabs the attention of most people between 19-35; women, sex, club antics and straight flexin'. Anticipated as an album to reach No...
Love And Hip Hop LA To Debut Soon
Love & Hip Hop is headed to the Westside.
The executive producer of the reality series Mona Scott-Young hinted at the new location for the latest edition of the hit VH1 series during a recent interview. While she didn't confirm LA as the locale she did speak on her interest in the city.
Mya Is Still Super Hot
Mya is currently in headlines because she was rumored to be having a affair with Jay Z. Those rumors isn't true however Mya is one beautiful woman. Never forget her glory.
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