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Nino Bless: The Latin Marksman

The problem came after the death of Christopher Rios. Big Pun became the first Latino rapper out of NYC to go platinum and be considered by hip-hop enthusiasts as a member of the coveted “Top 10 Dead or Alive” faction. ...

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BLOG: The Youngest In Charge

Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy. For most saying his name three times is like calling the Candy Man of hip-hop to come and kill the listeners. Yet, with all of his fame and fortune and fans of adolescent status ...

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Zion I: The Take Over

Zion I The Take Over (Gold Lust) L Sick and tired of hip-hop’s status quo, the Cali underground duo Zion I aim to overthrow the corporate powers that be. Their weapon of choice? The fun, relatable music found on their latest album, The TakeOver. With ...

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