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Jimmy Iovine Leaves Interscope Records After 25 Years
Jimmy Iovine, the Interscope Records co-founder who has run the highly successful label since its inception in 1989, is leaving the company after 25 years, according to Billboard. The announcement came shortly after it was officially confirmed after a three-week wait that Apple was purchasing Beats …
Josina Anderson Might Be The Hottest ESPN Reporter Ever
This ESPN sideline reporter is as fine as they come. A former University of North Carolina track star, Josina Anderson uses her knowledge and a killer body to give viewers a refreshing look at all sports. Did I mention she is fine?—Nathaniel Mathison
11 Rappers That Failed To Pay Their Taxes
Well it was reported earlier that Busta Rhymes owes the IRS north of three quarters of a million dollars in unpaid federal taxes. According to documents they have obtained Bussa Bus has been hit with tax liens of $611K for 2008 and additional $178K in 2012...

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