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50 Cent Invades Cabo

So, I was one of the lucky/unlucky "tastemakers" to make it to Cabo for the filming of 50 Cent's "Party Monster" last week. Lucky because...Well, who wouldn't wanna go to Cabo? Unlucky because I spent less than 24 hours there. I ...

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We wuz robbed!

Branching off from my post the other day about the Knux, and in the interest of wringing every last bit of amusement from the cover of this month's issue of XXL, as if it was the only pr0n video you ...

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Hip-Hop Props for Prop 8?

Shortly after checking the mailbox for my Obama prize Thursday afternoon (and realizing it's probably just coming on CPT), I came across the following music video/proponent of California's hotly-contested Proposition 8. As you likely already know, Prop 8 stipulates the unconstitutionality ...

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