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Max B: Twitter Was The Case 2

“The state’s theory of the case was that Max conspired with this woman Gina Conway and his step brother Kevin Leerdam to commit a robbery... It was our contention and it was our defense in the case that a) Gina ...

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Step away from the corpse, Sonic

Who knew so many people would object to Charles Hamilton naming J Dilla executive producer of his album, even though he obviously never had anything to do with Dilla? When I read about the tracklisting and the production credits for the ...

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ATLiens: The Mixtape

I remember during the whole Nas “Hip-Hop is Dead” fiasco how offended all southern artists were and their reaction. From Jeezy airing out God’s Son on the air to Ludacris rocking a T-shirt in a video that read, “Hip-hop isn’t ...

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