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BLOG: Now & Then

It’s so amusing to me when I read some of the comments here and on other platforms where the fan is given the respectable right to participate and then abuse it. I read a comment, “Isn’t Lyte like 45? She should ...

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Fashawn: Boy Meets World

FASHAWN Boy Meets World (One Records) At a time when the game is dominated by 30-something rappers, we sometimes forget that hip-hop is the music of the youth. Twenty-year-old Fashawn’s debut album, the Exile-produced Boy Meets World, represents that vital element, telling the story ...

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Who really owns the new Vibe?

Crap, it looks like Vibe won't be gone for good. Yesterday, there was a rumor on RapPravda that someone might be trying to buy the Vibe name and bring it back as a website, and today it's being widely reported that ...

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