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Rnd 4 of Baddest Chick Tourney Begins

XXL’s Baddest Chick in the Game Tournament has advanced to round four known in the basketball world as the Elite 8. The third round much like the rest of the tournament to this point was full of upsets. The bracket to see the ...

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Look at Me Now: 2008 Freshman Recap

It’s hard to believe it’s already been four years since XXL’s inaugural Freshman class. Dubbed leaders of the new school at the time, in ways, the ’07 edition was more of an old guard than a new generation in comparison ...

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50 Cent Cuts Mansion Price Tag

The economy is affecting everyone, including hip-hop mogul 50 Cent who recently had to cut the hefty price tag on his Connecticut estate. According to the Danbury News Times,Fif lowerd the sales tag of his 52-room mansion from its original $18.5 ...

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