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Where is RapRadar?

Never mind the 12th anniversary of Biggie Smalls' death. 12 years isn't an important anniversary anyway, unless you're a woman, in which case you think any ol' anniversary is an important anniversary. I mean, I could see if it was the ...

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Coolio: Cranksta’s Paradise

Hmmm. I guess a nigga like Coolio needs certain amenities the airlines don't provide to make a voyage "fantastic." I remember the good old days when your crew could just B.Y.O.G-pack onto the Southwest departing flight of your choosing. The former ...

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FEATURE: Novel, Open Book

You remember the kid in high school that was cool with the jocks, got pounds from the thugs, chilled with the ladies and on top of that, was in the band? Chances are Novel was that kid. Growing up with ...

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