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BLOG: Money Over Everything

M.O.E “Money Over Every Thing”. I know the world credits the homie “Chopper” aka “Young City” with this saying now but the 1st time I actually heard this saying it was from a Houston Texas rapper ...

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The Rise of Niggarachi

Niggarachi?! Snoop's entire existence has been one giant fuck-up since the first name change, if you ask me. When even Media Take Out is alarmed, you know shit has gotten really bad. I guess in the official name change for his ...

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How I know Tila Tequila is lying

This Shawne Merriman-Tila Tequila incident has me perplexed. I thought Asian women were supposed to be known for their compliance? Obviously it's never been much of an issue for me, personally, because you guys know I don't dine on Chinese. I ...

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